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Newport Beach Photographer Offer Tip: Increase Post Production W

Not long ago, the Majority of photographers used film. Now with the increase of the use of digital technology, most professional photographers use digital cameras. As a result of this switch in use, the information systems on which the digital product is stored has increasingly a significant part of any photography business. Making sure that system is working efficiently and effectively is important to the bottom line of he any photography business. The following are a list of tips a photographer can follow in order to increase the bottom line by maintaining an efficient production information system.

1. Don't skimp on RAM. The speed at which most of the applications that a photographer uses will be determined by the amount of available RAM. Purchase as much as you can afford and your software can utilize. When purchasing an operating system look into the total amount of RAM that the system can use. You may want to purchase a different operating system if you find that the one you are looking at is limited in what it can use.

2. Use less than 70% of your hard drive. When a hard drive becomes full, its performance decreases. As performance decreases the speed at which a photographer is able to work also decreases. Purchase new drives, or take some files off of the drive before total usage reaches 70%. You may think you can't afford this extra expense; the costs in time that you will lose if you don't purchase additional space easily dwarf the cost of a new hard drive.

3. Don't skimp on your Internet connection. As a photographer you will likely be uploading and downloading numerous picture files every day. As a result, a fast, reliable Internet connection is a necessity. Like extra RAM and sufficient hard drive space, not having a fast connection will cost you far more in time than the actual outflow needed to have these products.

4. Use macros whenever possible. Invest the time in learning how to write and execute these scripts. Most of the work in post production is the same work done over and over again. By writing a script so that a computer will do that work for you, you will save a significant amount of time in the long run.

Much of a photographer?s time is spent in post production.

By maintaining an efficient information system, that time can be decreased substantially.