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"A jingle is a memorable effective jingle is constructed to stay in one's memory (colloquially, "Ringing a bell"). People often nostalgically remember a jingle decades later..."

The Jingles is a system of muscle training which leads to improved pronunciation. The system was developed by Steve Walker, linguist, after he analysed the movements and musculature necessary to speak English. Have you ever considered the importance of pronunciation in enhancing your overall English ability? Your improvement in English pronunciation will dramatically raise your listening comprehension ability.

"Healthy Jingles.. touches on everything from improving memory and sleeping better to headaches and colds. Healthy jingles are also provided to prevent and care for anxieties, heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, headaches, colds, memory, and AHD.

Jingle Writing:

A jingle writer is someone who creates catchy tunes, matches it with equally catchy lyrics in order to sell an advertiser's good or service through TV or radio commercials.

A jingle writer usually works with advertising agencies. The jingle he writes will be based on the guidelines or suggestions of his clients. Ad agencies look for jingles that will sell the product, meaning the jingle should be memorable and suit the product that is being promoted. Often, ad agencies choose from several jingles written by different writers before picking one to use in their ad.

Ad agencies give writers certain parameters when creating a jingle. Some aspects to keep in mind are the following:

? The style of music

? The words that needs to be in the lyrics

? How long the jingle should be

The writer should be able to showcase all these factors in a good demo.

Need jingles?

Because jingles help sell your name to the audience. They make it easier for people to remember you and come back for more. They sell your name for you.

They generate great impacts on people - fun jingles, like fun TV shows and songs make people remember. Think of a TV show from years ago, you'll be able to recall the opening theme tune like it was yesterday. Theme tunes are really just longer jingles.

First of all, your jingle needs to be consistent with the rest of your advertising media. If you have implemented a slogan on your business cards or informational brochures, then it makes sense that you would want to use that to create a layering effect. The words that are already associated with you and your company will be reinforced with your new jingle. There?s no need to re-invent the wheel if you don?t have to.

The best jingles are the catchy tunes that you can?t get out of your head. Maybe it?s the cat food jingle that runs in a constant loop in the back of your mind. It could be the one about the pizza place down the street or the mattress store around the corner. Whatever product or service the jingle is for, if you can recite it verbatim, the writer did a great job.

Music has an enormous part to play in a child?s early development and there is growing evidence that music can also help at a later stage with subjects as diverse as mathematics, foreign languages and scientific problem solving.

?Singing songs to your child widens their vocabulary and improves listening skills, both of which make learning to read easier? ? Professor John Sloboda, Keele University.

?A child is more confident, usually speaks early and gains an early grasp of the rules of communication if started early in clapping games, group activities and musical games?. ? Dr Miriam Stoppard.

If something happens often enough, it will eventually be persuaded. Jingles facilitate a lot in this way.