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How to Keep a Fashion Dog

Nowadays, it has become a kind of fashion to keep pets, especially pet dogs. Many celebrities have their own dogs, such as Paris Hilton, Miranda and Orlando Bloom. Many people hold the view that owning a dog is simply about getting a dog, feeding it, and loving it. Actually, bringing a dog home is just the beginning of the whole dog raising thing. Converting a predominantly wild animal into a pet would be a lengthy process. There's so much to do.

A dog, like human beings, needs a certain amount of foods, gets to drink fresh and clean water and exercises. If your dog is the one with long hair, regular baths are necessary to keep him clean and disease free. Next don't forget dog's bed. Many dog owners let their dogs sleep on their bed every night. Well, there's nothing wrong with that. But what if your dog wants to take a nap in the room where you are working, watching television or doing other things? Providing a bed for your dog is a good way to solve this, additionally, dogs have their own places to go when it wants to simply get some privacy and be alone for a while. And dogs need outdoor exercises, and this time you can't forget the leash and collar. When you're ready to take it for a walk, make sure it has something to wear around its neck, which will distinguish it from others and have a place to latch its leash onto. If you want to go out shopping with your puppy dog, you can choose dog carriers. It's really hot trends around if you take a notice.

Normally, dogs are quite docile and can easily be turned into a friendly and faithful pet, but that needs a little bit of patience and a considerable amount of tact. Remember that an untrained dog can really be a bad pet. You must be careful while training, maybe you will find easier by following a new complete dog training manual. When you teach your dog the right commands to obey, be sure in a strict way but not a harsh way. Or you will find no training effect even minus effect. You just need some training skills. In fact, dogs are easy to train and learn to obey easily because dogs are man's best friends. So be affectionate to your dog at all the times, for nothing works better than strenuous training mixed with a little bit of love. That's the magic potion that fails almost never.